A Magnetic Separator is essential in many industries. Its main function is to remove ferrous materials from mixtures, such as particles, debris, or magnetic contaminants in powders or substances. 

Working of Magnetic Separators

Magnets, either permanent or electromagnets, are positioned in the bag dumping station. When material is discharged in the bag dumping station, these magnets capture any magnetic materials other magnetic impurities, ensuring the product is free from unwanted magnetic contaminants. 

At the end of the process, before packaging, a crucial step involves conducting a thorough security check to ensure the absence of any bolts or other foreign objects that may have inadvertently entered the materials during processing. This security check is essential to guarantee the safety and quality of the final product. 

Why is it used in Various Industries

Magnetic separators are widely used in various industries for several important reasons. They efficiently remove magnetic impurities, ensuring product quality and purity. This is crucial in industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing. They also prevent machinery damage by removing harmful magnetic materials, promoting equipment reliability. Furthermore, they enhance product safety by eliminating foreign magnetic objects that could pose health risks or cause product defects. 

The importance of a dosing system lies in its ability to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and maintain uniformity in a variety of industrial applications. Accurate dosing is critical for attaining desired results and ensuring product quality, whether in the battery, API, chemical processing, or pharmaceutical sector.   

Aishin Magnerotor : Removing Foreign Matter

Aishin Magnerotor removes ferrous impurities mixed in raw materials. It features a high frequency of contact by rotating the magnet part with high magnetic force. In addition, we also offer a “magnet through” type with a housing attached to a lattice magnet to enhance sealing, and a “drop-through magnet” type that allows you to open the door with a single touch and remove the unit set with foreign matter. Both of these types can be installed in-line. You can choose according to your needs and applications. 

Magnet rotor

Drop-through magnet


  • Can be installed in-line in the powder and granule process. 
  • Magnetic force up to 1.6 Tesla. 
  • Supports from 100A to 250A in caliber. 
  • Magnerotor: A rotary type that has high contact frequency with materials and has excellent magnetic separation efficiency. 
  • Drop-through magnet: Fixed type that allows you to remove foreign matter with a single touch door. 

Benefits of Magnetic Separator

  • Removal of Metal Contaminants   
  • Equipment Safety  
  • Significant increase in separation quality 


Chemical, secondary battery, food items, drugs, automobile, ceramic, rubber products, iron manufacturing, steel manufacturing, metal, fiber and paper manufacturing, electronic material, plant food, feedstuff, material recycling, and all other general powders. 

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Magnetic separators made specifically for food processing are secure and comply to food safety regulations.

Magnetic separators are effective at removing fine ferrous contaminants as well as small metal particles.

Magnetic Separators primarily separate materials based on their magnetic properties rather than density.

The lifespan of a Magnetic Separator depends on factors like usage, maintenance, and the quality of the equipment.

Magnetic Separators help ensure product quality and reduce downtime by preventing equipment damage.

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