Particle Sizing

Particle sizing is an essential component of powder handling, primarily concerned with determining the size and distribution of particles within a powdered substance. The dimensions of individual particles in each sample typically expressed in terms of diameter or equivalent diameter. 

Importance of Particle Sizing

The significance of particle sizing affects various aspects of product quality, efficiency, and compliance: 


  • Consistent Reproducibility: Hanningfield particle sizing solutions are highly reproducible and scalable from R&D to commercial stage. 
  • Design and operation:  Many powder processes involve both sifting and milling – a sifter for powder screening and/or to de-lump agglomerated material, and a mill for final particle sizing. A cost-effective way of achieving this is to use a machine with interchangeable sifter and mill heads. 
  • The provision for Nitrogen purging is used in cryogenic milling. 
  • Temperature monitoring for processing of heat sensitive material 
  • A-TEX zoning up to zone 0, 20 compliances. 


  • Size control for product quality.  
  • Vital for R&D and materials.  
  • Cost Efficiency 
  • High throughput for maximum productivity 
  • Inline feed and discharge for higher capacity and ease of system integration 
  • Achieve various particle sizes on one machine (by changing the sifter basket / mill screen) 
  • Low heat, dust and noise generation for improved working environment 
  • Process scalability from lab to pilot to production 
  • Regulatory Compliance  


The products listed below are utilized for particle sizing. This equipment plays an important role in accurately determining the sizes of particles.  

Conical Mills

Conical mills, also known as cone mills or conical screen mills, are essential equipment in the field of particle size reduction processes. These machines play an important role in industries requiring precision particle size reduction with tighter particle size distribution.

A Multimill, is a highly robust industrial particle size reduction equipment employed for various purposes such as material sizing after granulation, shredding, pulverizing, and delumping.

A lump breaker is used to reduce oversized materials, such as lumps, agglomerates, or clumps, into smaller particles. These materials can vary from solid powders and minerals to chunks of food, pharmaceutical ingredients, and others

Magnetic Separators are used to separate ferrous (iron-containing) materials from non-ferrous materials. They play a crucial role in industries like chemical, food processing, and others to remove unwanted metal contaminants from products, ensuring product purity and preventing equipment damage.

Sifters are used for separating and classifying particles based on their size. They find applications in industries like pharmaceuticals, food and other processing to ensure uniform product quality and remove oversized or undersized particles. Sifters help achieve precise particle size distribution and product consistency.

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