Eurac Couplings: Seamless Piping Seals


What are EURAC Couplings?

EURAC couplings are essential in industrial applications, especially in pneumatic conveying systems. They facilitate the efficient transfer of materials in both diluted and heavy-concentration processes, as well as vacuum or pressure systems.  

EURAC couplings are designed to connect unthreaded or threaded pipework with an equalized pressure seal, offering a wide range of coupling materials to suit your specific needs. These couplings are equipped with zinc-plated bolts for added durability. For instance, the type h, 3-bolt EURAC couplings feature a white food-quality nitrile gasket with eyelets for electrical conductivity. Additionally, if you require a 4-bolt version, it is available upon inquiry. 

Eurac Couplings

EURAC Couplings: Aishin's Commitment to Excellence

Aishin is an authorized distributor of EURAC Couplings, providing clients with access to their quality products. EURAC is a manufacturer of couplings known for its precision and design expertise. Aishin Supplies EURAC Couplings to customers worldwide. 


  • Effective way to connect unthreaded or threaded pipework. 
  • Easy to install.  
  • Available in an extensive range of sizes. 


  • Leak Prevention 
  • Global Industry Standards Compliance.  

Couplings Applications

Couplings have various applications in industries such as API manufacturing, food processing, chemicals production, battery assembly, etc. 

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Eurac couplings are suitable for use in powder transfer systems, offering an equalized pressure seal across the entire surface area without distorting the walls. They are employed to connect both threaded and unthreaded piping.

Yes, Eurac couplings are designed to absorb shock loads and dampen vibrations in machinery.

Look for signs of misalignment, vibration, unusual noise, or visible damage to assess wear and tear.

Eurac couplings are often designed to meet or exceed industry standards for safety and performance. 


Yes, Eurac offers custom solutions to meet the unique needs of different industries and applications. 


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