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Enhance Efficiency with Material Handling Equipment

About Us

Established in 1972, Aishin Industrial Corporation has solidified its position as a global leader in powder handling, material processing, and powder transfer systems. Rooted in Tokyo, Japan, Aishin Industrial Corporation has diligently expanded its presence to cater to evolving market demands worldwide. Presently, it has manufacturing facilities not only in Japan but also in Thailand, China, and India, firmly Becoming a significant player in powder transfer systems and material handling systems in India and worldwide. Aishin takes immense pride in having delivered over 300,000 units of bulk material handling equipment to a wide spectrum of industries over the years.  

In 1947, Gansons started a journey with a goal to create the world’s best processing equipment. Their dedication to excellence has earned them a revered reputation within the industry.  

Your partner to achieve precise Powder handling solutions

The union of Gansons and Aishin Industrial Corporation gave rise to Aishin Global, a collaborative venture formed to address the growing demand for material handling equipment in India and global markets. This partnership highlights the combination of advanced technology with the highest standards of design and engineering, emphasizing a focus on efficient processing. 

Aishin Industrial Corporation leads in material handling, powder transfer systems, and material processing equipment. We specialize in powder handling solutions, material processing, and offer engineering services like installation, trials and testing and process consultancy. With our manufacturing facilities, we have achieved a strong position in industry. 

Our engineering team is recognized for its Japanese precision and innovation, ensuring the quality craftsmanship, and performance of our powder handling solutions that distinguish us from others.  

Feeding and Discharge
Transfer & Conveying
Mixing & Granulation
Particle Sizing

How we executed one of the largest project for powder handling in FMCG?

We specialize in addressing powder-related challenges for a diverse range of industries, including:


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Food industry:

Enhancing efficiency in food processing through tailor-made powder and granule transfer solutions 

Pharma & API industry:

Delivering precise material handling solutions for pharmaceutical and API manufacturing.   

Chemical industry:

Safely handling chemicals within the manufacturing process equipment.  

Cosmetic industry:

Streamlines powder product processing for consistency.

Mining and metal industry:

Confronting heavy-duty material handling challenges.

FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods):

Ensuring precise, consistent formulation and reducing waste.”  

Food Industry

Pharma & API industry

Electronics Industry

Plastics industry

Chemicals industry

Cosmetics Industry

Mining and Metals industry


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Our values - committed to the Japanese way:

We believe in delivering perfection in everything we do, which requires a focus on even the smallest details to ensure excellence in our products and services.  

A relentless pursuit of perfection. Meticulous craftsmanship

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    Exceptional attention to smallest details

    Explore the following case study, which unveils how our engineering expertise and machinery has significantly contributed to reducing downtime while enhancing production and performance efficiency. These case studies delve deeply into the challenges encountered, the strategies employed, and the impressive outcomes realized. 

    Pneumatic Conveying System
    How we handled Multiple spices with varying characteristics
    End to End execution of pneumatic transfer of variety of solid materials
    Reduction of Production

    How we achieved High-Capacity Pneumatic Transfer System of Powders (HUL)

    • Continuous pneumatic Transfer System with Double Flap valves
    • Small height Big Bag Dumping Station (Limited plant height availability) with Vibrators for easy material flow
    • Long Cylindrical Filter bags for Air-material separation
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