Bin Scrapers: Efficient Powder Discharge

Bin scrapers are essential industrial equipment used to facilitate the efficient discharge of flowing powders from hoppers or silos. This device is essential for maintaining the steady flow of powdered materials in various industrial applications. 

How Does Bin Scrapper Work?

Bin scrapers operate simply by having a scraper continuously rotate inside a hopper or silo, serving two main functions: 

  • Prevention of ratholing: ratholing occurs when powdered materials settle in a way that creates a cavity or tunnel within the stored material. Bin scrapers prevent blockages by constantly agitating the contents to ensure uniform material flow. 
  • Avoiding bridging: Bridging is another common issue where powdered materials form a solid bridge or arch that blocks the flow of material from the hopper or silo. Bin scrapers keep the powder activated and in motion, preventing the formation of such obstructions. 

Role of bin scrapers in powder transfer System

Bin scrapers play an important role in industrial process control, particularly in the handling of powdered materials.  

  • Preventing blockages: By scraping the interior walls of hoppers and silos, bin scrapers ensure that no material is left behind to accumulate and potentially cause blockages. This is essential for maintaining a steady flow of materials and avoiding costly production interruptions. 
  • Ensuring uniform discharge: Bin scrapers help materials flow evenly, ensuring consistent powder supply for better product quality and process efficiency. 
  • Reliability: Bin scrapers are a reliable solution for handling poorly flowing powders, as they require minimal maintenance and can operate continuously without the need for constant


  • Used to discharge poorly flowing powders from hoppers/silos 
  • Keeps the powder activated by revolving around the hopper to avoid ratholing/bridging 
  • Washable sanitary version is also available 
  • Available from sizes of 50mm to 400mm  


  • Prevents blockages effectively.  
  • Reduces equipment wear.  
  • Maintains consistent operations.  
  • Optimizes industrial processes.  
  • Improves overall productivity. 


Battery, Chemicals, Food items

About Aishin industrial corporation

Aishin Industrial Corporation, with its headquarters in India and Japan, focuses on improving material handling and processing in industries. We provide effective solutions to make material handling and processing more efficient and reliable. The incorporation of bin scrapers into our product range highlights our commitment to advancing industrial processes and ensuring optimal material flow control.  


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The Bin Scraper is used to facilitate efficient product discharge. It directly eliminates “the bridge” and “the rat hole,” ensuring the gentle and smooth discharge of powdered materials.

Bin scrappers can handle a wide range of materials, including l powders, grains, other dry powders and semi-solid substances.

Yes, by preventing material buildup, bin scrappers can improve production efficiency and reduce downtime.

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