C.O.R.A Rotary Valve: Powder and Granule Handling

C.O.R.A Rotary Valves

C.O.R.A. specialize in the design and development of valves and accessories for pharmaceutical technology, adhering to GMP standards. They prioritize producing standardized products while also customizing solutions to suit the individual needs of their customers. They follow rigorous quality procedures and certifications to ensure their products meet FDA and Pharmacopoeia standards, which plays a crucial role in producing reliable and quality pharmaceuticals for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. 

Sole Valve

The Sole Valve is designed for flow control of powders and granules, following strict cleaning procedures and enabling easy disassembly. The material used is AISI 316L for contact parts and AISI 304 for non-contact parts. Its vane design moves at 90° angles, facilitating product interception and discharge for precise flow control in various industrial applications. 

Cora Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve is suitable for applications where a continuous flow of powders and granules for the feeding of process machines is required. It allows also the continuous feeding of granules and powder dosing the product uniformly. 

Rotary Tablet Valve

This valve is designed for tablet and capsule handling in pharmaceutical machines, with a flexible silicone rotor to prevent tablet damage during discharge. It’s ideal for continuous feeding in various equipment. 

Tablet Valve

The Tablet Valve is an innovative solution for handling finished products. It has a silicone vane that opens and closes the valve gently, preserving product integrity. It’s easy to maintain, disassemble, and clean, reducing downtime. 

Double Valve

The Double Valve has two intercepting elements: a butterfly for rough dosing and a small rotor for fine dosing. The maximum accuracy achievable is +/- 20 grams and can be used with dosing and weighing systems. It can be supplied with a sealing gasket between the vane and the dosing rotor (DVG). This solution allows the valve to work in applications with pressure up to 0,5 bar. 

SRF Valve

The SRF Valve is a dosing valve with two intercepting elements: an external rotor for rough dosing and product flow adjustment, and an internal rotor for delicate dosing. It’s possible to manufacture a rotor with number of pockets and volume customized, to be able to reach the requested weight. The maximum accuracy achievable is around ±20 grams (data varies based on the different kinds of product to be dosed). The valve can be interfaced with dosing systems and with more or less complex weighing systems. 

VR8V Valve

VR8V valve is designed to dose powder under pressure and vacuum. It is suitable for continuous feeding of powder while maintaining extremely uniform dosing. The brushless electric motor with control encoder assures very accurate dosing. 


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The primary function of a Cora rotary valve is to control the flow of bulk materials between different areas of a processing system while maintaining an airtight seal.

Cora rotary valves can handle a wide range of materials, including powders, granules, pellets, and even other dry powdered materials in some cases.

Yes, Cora rotary valves can be designed to meet sanitary standards and are often used in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Maintenance typically involves regular cleaning, inspection, and lubrication of the valve components to ensure smooth operation. 

Yes, Cora rotary valves are often used for continuous feeding into pneumatic conveying systems.

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