Storage and Unloading solutions

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Aishin Industrial Corporation excels at efficiently handling powders and granules. We are committed to meeting the specific requirements of various industries and ensuring effective powder storage and unloading processes. We offer storage solutions in India and internationally for bulk material transfer purposes.  

Our company specializes in developing solutions that reduce downtime, enhance productivity, and prevent dusting by simplifying powder handling and unloading in our storage solutions. 

Feeding and Discharge
Transfer & Conveying
Mixing & Granulation
Particle Sizing

Material handling and storage systems equipment  

For Storage & Discharge:

Bag Dumping Station

The bag dumping station plays an important function in many sectors, assisting in the efficient and safe handling of bulk materials. This specialized equipment makes it easier to unload bags containing powders, granules, or other bulk materials.

For Storage & Discharge:

Jumbo Bag Dumping Station

A jumbo bag unloading system is a specialized equipment used for handling and transferring powdered materials in large quantities upto 500-600 kg. This system is designed to unload powdered substances efficiently and safely from large, flexible containers known as jumbo bags or bulk bags.

For Unloading:

Silos and Hopper

Silos provide secure and structured storage for materials, protecting them from factors such as moisture and contamination. Meanwhile, the funnel-shaped design of hoppers allows for controlled material discharge from silos or other storage containers. Hoppers ensure that material flows consistently during unloading, feeding, or batching activities.

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