Gansons Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixing is a specialized mixing equipment used in industries like food and cosmetics. This process involves the use of a planetary mixer, a unique piece of equipment designed to mix, knead, and blend various ingredients simultaneously.  

In a planetary mixer, the mixing tool rotates on its axis while also orbiting around the mixing bowl. This dual motion ensures complete and consistent ingredient blending, making it perfect for applications that require precise control over mixing, such as dough preparation, cream emulsification, and cosmetic formulation production.  

Planetary Mixer

Why is Planetary Mixing Used?

Precise mixing: planetary mixers are well-known for their capacity to produce consistent and homogeneous mixing results. The combination of rotating and orbital movements ensures that the entire mixture makes contact with the mixing tool, preventing uneven blending.  

Versatility: Planetary mixers can be customized to a wide range of applications by employing various attachments and bowls.  

Time and Energy Efficiency: Planetary mixers are known for their efficiency in terms of both time and energy. They work swiftly and efficiently, decreasing production time and energy usage overall.  

Quality Assurance: Product consistency and quality are crucial in businesses such as food and cosmetics. Planetary mixers enable homogeneous mixing of components, resulting in quality end products that match industry standards.  

Aishin Partnered with Gansons: A Global Supplier of Planetary Mixers

Aishin Industrial Corporation, headquartered in Japan with a significant presence in India, is known for being a supplier of powder handling equipment. We also supply planetary mixing equipment in partnership with Gansons. Whether you are looking for a planetary mixers manufacturer in India or globally, Gansons planetary mixer stands out. 

The Gansons Planetary Mixer effectively handles various materials of different viscosities, textures, and sizes. It serves as a single-pot processor for a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical gels to toothpaste. It performs exceptionally well with high-viscosity and difficult-to-mix materials. The Gansons PLM is the de facto standard for leading companies in the food, personal care, and chemical industries. 


Planetary motion of the impeller effects homogeneous incorporation and mixing of excipients

Built to withstand high viscosity products

Planetary Mixer

Easy access to mixing bowl for rapid and convenient cleaning

Optional addition of High-Speed Homogenizer for fast, homogenous incorporation of powders/ liquids

Provision for steam heating, cooling, and application of vacuum

Trolley-mounted bowl for convenient movement


Planetary mixers are versatile equipment commonly used in various industrial applications due to their ability to efficiently mix, blend, and homogenize a wide range of materials.  

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Capacity Range: 5L to 1,250L



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A planetary mixer uses a set of rotating attachments, including a main mixing bowl and various agitators that move in different directions simultaneously to thoroughly mix ingredients.

Some planetary mixers have built-in thermal overload protection to prevent overheating and motor damage. Planetary Mixers also consist of alarms and process control mechanism. 

A commercial planetary mixer is a heavy-duty version of the standard planetary mixer designed for use in larger establishments such as toothpaste manufacturing plants, ointment manufacturing plants, cosmetic manufacturing units.    . It can handle larger quantities and more demanding mixing tasks. 


Planetary mixing is a specific mixing technique used in planetary mixers. It involves a combination of rotation on the mixer’s axis and a circular motion, resulting in thorough and uniform mixing. This differs from other methods like spiral mixing or horizontal mixing.

Planetary mixing is commonly used in baking, confectionery, and food processing industries, as well as in the production of cosmetic gels, toothpaste, ointments, and for various topical applications.

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