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Technology advancements have grown with the flourishing development in foods industry and its segments. During this technology shift, we provide continuous support and simple yet effective solutions to our clients, in making the operation, processing and Handling smooth and seamless.



In Pharmaceutical industries product safety and reliability is non-negotiable. Our pharma tech solutions are designed to ensure safety of products amidst today’s highly regulated environment.



Our technology is designed thoughtfully in different variants to meet requirements of various types of chemical processes. Aishin India provides solutions which are reliable in performance, safety, no cross contamination, easy handling, cost effectiveness and durability. We also offer customized solutions for your need of non-standard equipment.

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Aishin Powder handling solutions for FMCG sector can help in automating processes which includes cleaning, grinding, blending, sieving, material handling and bulk storage . This ensures high product quality and hygiene with minimal human intervention.

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Aishin's team is capable of handling all types of pigments, dyes and materbatches. It is important to consider factors such as conveying rates and distances, material characteristics, flow aids, pick-up and discharge, filtration and safety concerns.

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Aishin provides powder handling solutions for mining materials as well as powders and granules. Our engineering team has experience and ideas to handle and operate mining materials like coal, iron, copper, zinc, limestone, potash, and various gravel types.

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Powder transfer systems are used in the electronics industry to convey material vertically or horizontally to and from process machines. The technology allows direct loading of powder into mixers, closed-hoppers, vessels, reactors, etc. in a safe way preventing dust formation during transfer1. This system facilitates reduction in batch time & total process integration

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Aishin India provides solutions that are designed thoughtfully in different variants to meet the requirements of various types of cosmetic powders. We are experts in powder types like Face powders, Talcum Powders etc.

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