Gansons Diffusion Blender: Blender for Mixing powders

In industries where precise mixing of powders is essential, diffusion blenders play a crucial role. These machines are designed to blend various types of powders and granules uniformly, making them a vital tool in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and many other industries.  

What is a Diffusion Blender?

A diffusion blender, often referred to as a powder mixer or powder mixing machine, is a specialized device used for the uniform blending of dry powders or granules. Unlike traditional mixers that use mechanical agitators or blades, Blender movements help particles move around and, as a result, diffuse blending takes place. Particles are diffused over freshly formed interfaces during diffusion blending. There are no segregating effects when diffuse blending is used.  

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How Does Gansons Diffusion Blender Works?

The primary function of Gansons diffusion blender is to homogenize the ingredients by rotating them. This blending process relies on the principles of diffusion in order to achieve a uniform mixture. 

The Working Principle of Gansons Diffusion Blenders:  

The process begins by adding powders or granules to the blender through a securely sealed opening. Ensuring proper drum sealing is crucial to prevent contamination or spillage. Once loaded and sealed, the blender is activated. The motor drives the drum to rotate along its longitudinal axis, causing the materials inside to rotate and mix efficiently. This continuous movement ensures even distribution of powders, resulting in a uniform blend. The blending time may vary depending on the materials and desired homogeneity, with options to adjust rotation speed and duration. After blending, the blender is stopped, and the mixture is discharged. 

Gansons is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of pharma equipment in India and around the world. Gansons supply Diffusion Blender, designed to meet the needs of various industries.  

Features and Benefits

Internal Angles

The internal angles of Gansons Diffusion Blenders have been optimised to allow homogenous intermixing of material with a wide range of flow properties


• Safety Railings with interlocks
• Emergency Stop
• Limit switches and sensors for risk-free operation


• Manual push button system or
• Automated PLC based control system with touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface)


WIP nozzles can be provided for in-situ cleaning

Charging and Discharging

• Can be facilitated using lifting and positioning device
• Vacuum transfer
• Gravity discharge through pneumatically operated butterfly valve or rotary valve

Capacity Range

Bin Blender

1L to 3,000L 

Double Cone Blender

1L to 5,000L

Octagonal Blender

1L to 16,000L

V Blender

1L to 5,000L

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