Jumbo Bag Unloading System for handling materials in bulk.

Jumbo Bag Unloading System for handling materials in bulk.


A jumbo bag unloading system, also known as a bulk bag unloader or big bag discharger, is specialized industrial equipment designed for efficiently and safely handling large bulk bags containing various materials such as powders, granules, or bulk solids. A robust frame with a lifting mechanism to support and suspend the loaded jumbo bag is commonly used in this technique. The bag is then precisely placed over a receiving hopper or funnel that is linked to a pneumatic system, or other material handling equipment.   

The primary function of the jumbo bag discharge system begins with elevating the bag and positioning it over the hopper utilizing the lifting mechanism. Once in place, the bottom of the bag is clamped and then allows the material to be released.   

As the material (powder) discharges from the bag, it is directed into the hopper and then carried to its destination, such as a mixer, or packing line. The system includes numerous safety points, such as dust collection systems and containment measures, to ensure worker safety and prevent material leakage. As a result, a jumbo bag unloading system provides an efficient and regulated technique for emptying bulk bags and transferring their contents in the industry for further processing or storage


  • Various versions of Safe/Flameproof options are available. 
  • Available in 500 kg and 1000 kg Jumbo bag sizes. 
  • Optional accessories such as Massagers are available for handling difficult to discharge materials. 
  • An optional Dust collector can be added. 
  • Available with or without a Hoist. 


  • Reduces workplace accidents during bag unloading.   
  • A clean, dust-free workspace is maintained by effective dust control.   
  • Material transfer is streamlined, increasing production efficiency.   
  • Ensures to meet industry standards, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). 
  • Ideal for industries with strict cleanliness standards.   
  • Improves operational efficiency. 
  • Customized solutions for specific industry and application needs.  


Battery Industry, Chemical Industry, Food Industry & API.  

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Lump Breaker Machines find applications in a wide range of industries, including Chemical, secondary battery, food items, drugs, automobile, ceramic, rubber products, iron manufacturing, steel manufacturing, etc. They are essential for processing materials that contain lumps, agglomerations, or oversized particles.

Industries like chemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and APIs find jumbo bag unloading systems beneficial for handling their bulk materials.

Indeed, jumbo bag unloading systems can be automated to various extents, allowing precise control, monitoring, and integration with other manufacturing processes.

Material containment is vital to prevent dust emissions and maintain a clean, safe working environment, particularly important for industries with strict hygiene and safety standards. 

Components typically include the unloader, conveyors, dust collection systems, controls, and discharge mechanisms, all working together to optimize material handling processes.