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Aishin Industrial Corporation, known for its expertise in material handling, processing, and powder handling systems, embarked on its remarkable journey, commencing with a manufacturing unit in Japan. Over the years, in response to the surging market demand, Aishin expanded its operations, strategically establishing manufacturing facilities not only within Japan but also across international borders, specifically in Thailand and China. This expansive growth strategy has firmly positioned Aishin as a global leader in the field of bulk powder handling equipment and material handling solutions.    

Aishin has a strong track record, delivering over 300,000 bulk handling equipment to various industries to automate production processes and save energy. Our commitment to innovation and expertise in designing engineering solutions has led to the development of high-performance equipment that meets evolving industry needs.   

Aishin, with its headquarters situated in Thane, India, has strategically established manufacturing facilities in thane-Mumbai and Nashik city, encompassing an expansive total floor space measuring an impressive 150,000 square feet. These facilities diligently adhere to stringent good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards and maintain ISO certification . 

When it comes to powder handling equipment and bulk powder handling systems, Aishin firmly establishes the industry benchmark, seamlessly merging precision engineering, advanced technology, and a global presence to cater to the ever-evolving needs of a wide spectrum of industries.   

In order to guarantee that our manufactured products consistently meet the highest standards, while simultaneously prioritizing the safety of individuals, environmental concerns, and Precise process parameter adherence, we diligently follow the guiding principles of the 5 p’s:  

Leading the industries in powder & material handling systems

Meet our visionary leaders who lead the industry with expertise, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. 


Ashis Banerjee

Director, Aishin India Pvt Ltd


Hirohisha Nishitani

Director, Aishin india Pvt Ltd


Toru Murakami

Director, Aishin India Pvt Ltd

Prabir Chakrabarty

Senior Vice President - Global Sales

R&D Facility

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We have equipment in our dedicated R&D centre for conducting trials, exploring the solutions and reaching to a conclusion before you finalise what you buy from us.

Our team can also provide you process support, thus ensuring that your process is executed well, and the trials are successful.

Our Value – Relentless pursuit of perfection

Kodawari. This word holds a special place among the Japanese community as it means an uncompromising pursuit of perfection.


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Powder handling system in the industry is a combination of Storage, Discharge, Conveying, Processing, Packaging of bulk materials like Solids, Powders, Granules.

  • Less Productivity due to inefficient plant design
  • More wastage due to manual handling
  • Hazardous working environment due to dusty environment
  • Bottleneck in Storage, Discharge and Conveying
  • Wrong Selection of equipment due to the lack of process knowledge

Some of the most commonly applied methods to measure the flow of powders include: density indices, such as the Carr index and Hausner ratio, powder avalanching, the angle of repose (AOR), flow through an orifice, powder rheometry and shear cell testing.

Flow issues can result from a product’s reaction to handling issues, such as settling or compaction while in storage, and process equipment issues related to product uniformity, including too much blending—or not enough blending.

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