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Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve Operation

The pneumatic knife gate valve in powder handling works by cutting through and controlling the flow of powders in a pipeline with a sharp-edged gate or blade. The gate seals against a seat when the valve is closed, preventing powder from passing through. When the gate is open, it retracts, allowing the powder to pass through the valve. It is often utilized in industries where powders need to be effectively controlled or shut off.   

Aishin Industrial Corporation: Knife Gate Suppliers

Aishin industrial corporation operates in the industrial valves, material processing, and powder handling sector Aishin, with headquarters in Japan and global sales office in India, is ideally positioned to meet the growing demand for quality industrial valves in these regions. These valves are well-known for their dependability, especially in abrasive or viscous fluid applications, where they effectively reduce the risk of clogging. The sharp-edged disc ensures a secure shut-off, minimizing the possibility of leaks. Knife gate valves are essential in industrial settings due to their reliability, tight shut-off, and low maintenance requirements, and Aishin supplies them to meet these essential needs. For those seeking knife gate valve manufacturers in India or globally for their industrial applications, Aishin stands as a trusted and experienced provider. 


  • Operable even in a harsh powder process and slurry line. 
  • Pneumatically as well as manually driven valves available. 
  • Various seat rings from metal, teflon and silicon available for different applications. 
  • Supports calibers of 50 to 600a and scs13/sus304 materials 
  • Wide range of options, attachable knife storage case and attachable backup ring effective for use of bulk materials 


  • Reliability  
  • Tight shut-off  
  • Low maintenance  
  • Customization options  


Chemical, Secondary battery, Food items, Drugs, Automobile, Ceramic, Rubber products, Iron manufacturing, Steel manufacturing, Metal, Fiber and paper manufacturing, Plant food, Feed materials, Material recycling, All other general powders, Slurries and gasses


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Knife gate valves are typically used for applications involving thick or abrasive material, whereas ball valves and butterfly valves are better suited for clean fluids. The operating mechanism and sealing methods also differ between these valve types.

Knife gate valves can be used in high-pressure applications, but the specific valve design and material selection should be chosen to meet the pressure requirements.

Knife gate valves are primarily designed for on/off applications and are not recommended for precise flow control or throttling due to their design.

Yes, knife gate valves may require special considerations during installation, including proper alignment and the use of appropriate gaskets and fasteners to ensure a secure seal.

Compressed air is used to actuate the valve’s pneumatic cylinder, which controls the movement of the gate. This automation allows for precise control over the flow of materials.

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