Mechanical Powder Transfer Systems: Increase Productivity

A mechanical transfer system, also known as a mechanical conveying system, transfers materials such as bulk solids, powders, granules from one point to another using machinery like belts, rollers, brackets, motors, etc. 

Mechanical transfer systems are widely used in industries such as mining, automobiles, batteries, food, etc. where heavy high moisture content or cake-like material is to be transferred. These systems can take a variety of forms, such as bucket elevators and screw conveyors, chains, etc. Each customized for unique powder handling requirements.  

Aishin Industrial Corporation

Aishin Industrial Corporation is a material handling equipment manufacturer in India and globally, specialize in quality mechanical transfer systems. These systems are useful for moving materials efficiently and consistently, which helps improve productivity and cost-effectiveness in industrial processes.   


Aishin Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are efficient tools for transporting powdered materials vertically or horizontally. These conveyors consist of a rotating screw inside a cylindrical casing creating an auger-type motion which pushes the powder along its length. The design of screw conveyors ensures a smooth and controlled transfer of powders, making them a reliable choice in various industrial processes. 

Mechanical Powder Transfer System
Mechanical Powder Transfer System

Lifting and Positioning Device

  • Mechanical or Hydraulic Lifting and Positioning Devices can be customized to your specifications.
  • Designed to effect complete and controlled discharge of material, including those exhibiting poor flow.
  • Material can be transferred in a completely contained manner and can be integrated with special valves for high containment. Suitable for transfer of potent compounds.
  • Automated control
  • IPC and IBC bins can be lifted by Aishin LPD


The Mechanical Transfer System Finds Applications Across Various Industries, Including:  
Chemical ,
Secondary battery , Food , Automobile , Mining & Metals, Fiber, Food, Pellets 


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In the food industry, Mechanical Transfer Systems automate the movement of ingredients and finished products, reducing manual handling, ensuring hygiene, and improving overall production efficiency.

Powder transfer systems prevent material contamination, reduce product loss, ensure accurate dosing, and improve workplace safety by minimizing dust exposure. They are crucial for maintaining product quality and consistency. Additionally, they help achieve higher production goals and efficiency.

Regular inspections, lubrication, cleaning, and timely replacement of worn-out components are crucial for the proper maintenance of these systems.

Sanitary screw conveyors are engineered for easy disassembly and reassembly, simplifying the cleaning and washing of components. This helps reduce downtime and labor related to maintenance, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

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